CBC’s Women’s History Month Highlight Reyna Noriega

CBC’s Women’s History Month Highlight Reyna Noriega

Meet Reyna Noriega, Artist, Designer and Author who has mastered the ability to share thought provoking stories through her amazing art. Her drawings are relatable and empowering serving as an intersection for her community to connect with her. Her use of bold, vibrant colors are synonymous with her aesthetic unlocking overall joy once eyes are laid upon any of her creations.


Like us, Reyna prides herself in empowering her audience through her creativity. It was a no brainer for us to reach out to her to collaborate on a limited edition hand painted handbag that we named "A Woman's Treasure". Reyna freehand painted a woman on our Treasure handbag style. We auctioned the finished design to raise funds to donate to National Women's History Alliance.


We had the opportunity to connect with Reyna to gain insight on her influences as it relates to her past, present and future. Continue reading to gain insight.

What's the best advice that you received from a woman?

Instead of trying to look like someone else or be someone else, focus on being a better you! External validation is nothing but noise -me to me

How do your past experiences help you navigate what's to come in the future?
Past experience proves my resilience and that I am always more equipped than I think I am. I have learned something and grown from every obstacle I have faced. When I am trying to conquer a new fear and level up I remind myself of that. 
Think back to your younger self, what insight would you give her on the woman that you are today?
She did great, I would want give her a hug and some encouragement that everything would make sense eventually. All of the times I was hard on myself to be perfect, I would definitely want to give her some grace and reassure her she was on the right path and she would one day figure out her purpose. 
It's been a pleasure collaborating with Reyna and look forward to all that she has in store. Be sure to stay connected with Reyna via her social media platforms as well as on Reyna Noriega Studios.


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